Rough Sawn – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Tree Wood and Lumber Glossary

What is Rough Sawn Lumber?

Rough sawn lumber refers to wood that has been cut from a log using a saw, leaving the surface rough and uneven. This type of lumber is typically used for construction purposes and is known for its natural, rustic appearance. Rough sawn lumber is often used for projects where a more natural look is desired, such as in timber framing or outdoor furniture.

How is Rough Sawn Lumber Different from Finished Lumber?

The main difference between rough sawn lumber and finished lumber is the surface texture. Rough sawn lumber has a rough, uneven surface due to the sawing process, while finished lumber has been planed and sanded to create a smooth, uniform surface. Finished lumber is typically used for projects where a more polished look is desired, such as in cabinetry or furniture making.

What are the Benefits of Using Rough Sawn Lumber?

There are several benefits to using rough sawn lumber in construction projects. One of the main advantages is cost savings, as rough sawn lumber is typically less expensive than finished lumber. Additionally, rough sawn lumber is more environmentally friendly, as it requires less processing and waste than finished lumber. Rough sawn lumber also has a more natural, rustic appearance that can add character and charm to a project.

How is Rough Sawn Lumber Processed?

Rough sawn lumber is processed by cutting logs into boards using a saw. The boards are then stacked and air dried to reduce moisture content. Once the lumber has reached the desired moisture level, it can be further processed by planing and sanding to create a smoother surface. However, many builders choose to leave rough sawn lumber unfinished to maintain its natural appearance.

What are Common Uses for Rough Sawn Lumber?

Rough sawn lumber is commonly used in a variety of construction projects, including timber framing, fencing, decking, and outdoor furniture. Its natural appearance makes it a popular choice for projects where a rustic look is desired. Rough sawn lumber is also used in log cabin construction, as it complements the natural aesthetic of the logs.

How to Properly Finish Rough Sawn Lumber?

If you choose to finish rough sawn lumber, there are several steps you can take to achieve a smooth, polished surface. First, use a planer to remove any rough spots or imperfections on the surface of the lumber. Next, sand the lumber with progressively finer grit sandpaper to create a smooth finish. Finally, apply a finish such as stain or varnish to protect the wood and enhance its appearance. Properly finishing rough sawn lumber can help to preserve its natural beauty and extend its lifespan.