Steering Committee

Main topics discussed during the SC meeting:

  • Review and update on the status of EEP Mekong Programme implementation incl. review of annual work plan incl. budget 2018
  • Presentation and discussion on the implementation status of the funded projects, and implementation of Capacity Building activities
  • Presentation and discussion of the programme’s cost neutral extension activities until 30 April 2019

SC members from the five Mekong countries and Finland presented the current status of the Clean Energy sector in their respective countries, including new policies and regulations introduced.

Subsequent to the SC meeting, EEP Mekong organized site visits to the funded project (EEPM-C8-028) in Dawei Province. The project, implemented by WWF Mynamar, The project’s focus is on introduction of Solar-Home Systems (SHS) to six villages in Southern Myanmar, including the training of ‘women solar engineers (solar angels) thru the project partner ‘Barefoot College’ from India.