Creative Ways to Conserve Trees

Trees are the future of the world. They help connect nature and life on earth. As the number of trees diminishes thanks to deforestation and the use of forest land for farming, animal and human life inches closer to danger. Some animals are in danger of extinction as their natural habitats have been destroyed.

The pollution problem faced today is a result of human greed and desire to have more without giving back. With trees, the world has carbon sinks to keep the air clean and sustain animal and human life. Without trees, the balance in nature tips to one side and everything starts going wrong.

To save the environment and save the world, one of the things we can do is save trees. The world needs to reduce the rate of pollution but what can you do as an individual?

Use Less Paper

Paper comes exclusively from trees. Many years back, the paper was only used to make books or keep records. Today, papers have numerous applications from printing bills to making decorations. You can make a point of using less paper in your own small world, seeing that most of the receipts and bills you get only go to waste.

Start by making online payments to reduce the receipts you get. You can also use electronic means of keeping records at the office instead of using books. Companies such as Google have created electronica calendars and notebooks to ensure you never have to use books.

Whenever you can avoid paper, do it. In a year, you will have saved a few trees. If you are in a position of influence, advocating for a paperless world might see you help save a whole forest of trees.

Use Alternatives to Wood

Wood still plays a big part in the construction industry. However, the use of wood is one of the biggest drivers of deforestation. In Southeast Asia, the harvesting of wood for construction has led to increased deforestation and this has made it challenging to reduce the carbon problem. Although at least 30 percent of the world’s forests are for production purposes, there is still need for sustainable harvesting of trees.

Instead of wood, you can choose to go with wood alternatives such as wood composites, plastic wood, recycled newspapers, straw, nutshells, and recycled cardboard. If you choose to still go with wood products, you can choose trees such as hemp or bamboo as they grow fast and give the quality of wood. You can cut the exact angle you need to make your items with these composites. As long as you have quality cabinet table saws and other materials, you will get the products you need without using felling trees.

Plant Trees

There is nothing creative about this point but this is the most basic method of conserving our forests. Much as you may try to avoid paper and wood products, you still need some of them. Granted, you can plant a tree to replace the one that was lost when you used paper and paper products.

If you have a yard or land, it is best to plant useful trees such as fruit trees, shade trees, and fence trees instead of any other tree variety that you can cut down without feeling the pain. If a tree benefits you, you will not likely cut it down. If you see a tree as an obstruction, you will likely cut it down.

Join in the Conversation

You can join other nature activists to educate people on the importance of trees and rallying to have better rules that protect the forests. The government has the power to enact laws that prohibit people from destroying forests. However, someone has to voice the concern to get the government to take action. If there is a petition to be signed or a discussion that needs your input, join in and be heard.

There are forums and events online that you can attend and give your views. One such forum is the United Nations Form on Forests.

Give to Good Courses

Conservation of nature requires money. If you cannot do any of the above, you can contribute to help organizations involved with nature conservation. Most of these organizations rely on donations from people like you who are concerned of the future of the world. Give today and save a tree.