5 Ways to Use Clean Energy When You Go Camping

A traditional campout was filled with lots of challenges.

Ranging from casual interaction with nature to the creation of camp essentials out of things available in nature, and the diligence it took to get it all done, people loved the thrill of adventures.

The idea of fun drove many to go for outdoor adventures.


Things have changed over the years with technological innovation.

Even so, man’s love for the outdoors still remains the same. Camping can be a mix of experience for city dwellers. It allows you to enjoy your time away from home without the need to manually create your own camping tools.

You can pack luxuries and the most recent camping technologies to bring with you for safety, convenience, and protection.

With a few things here and there, you can prepare for and glam up your camping trip for a truly natural experience like no other. Various camp appliances and gadgets can offer you the convenience of enjoying your time outdoors.

Camping is also an opportunity to get off the grid and use clean energy. This is a great way to protect Mother Nature. Here’re a few tips to use clean energy on your next camping trip:

5 Tips to Using Clean Energy on Your Campsite

  • Pack portable folding solar panels

What differentiates the old civilization from the modern world is electricity.

Going camping to live off the power grid in nature doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lack the comfort and convenience of using power.

With gadgets, smartphones, and toys to use daily, you’ll want to bring them with you to your campsite. However, the device needs charging for continued use, hence the need for power generators, rechargers, or charge controllers.

You’ll need a clean battery that’s based on renewable energy on your campsite. When you go camping, you move far from electric outlets in your home, hence the need to generate green power outdoors.

The sun is the most natural energy source.

If you live in a region that experiences sunny weather, take advantage of it to use a photovoltaic system or solar energy. Opt for portable folding solar panels to power your outdoor activity.

With the right foldable solar panels, you can enjoy your time outdoors off the electricity grid. Opt for solar panels you can strap to your backpack for charging on the go.


Cooking is an integral aspect of camping. You can still be fancy and enjoy your favorite meals outdoors on a campsite.

With advance home prep, pack your favorite food to cook when you camping. However, it doesn’t mean you need electricity outdoors to prepare those tasty meals.

Instead, you can use a camp stove to cook delicious meals for yourself and the rest of your camp team. The stove uses solar energy to support cooking in just 20minutes or so.

Additionally, it’s easy to pack in your backpack for easy carriage when you go outdoor hiking, camping or even mountaineering. You can also find the best camping grills to sear mouthwatering steak or fish outdoors.

In such a case, you’ll need a grill brush to clean your camping grill each time you’re done barbecuing your favorite dishes.


Off the grid campsites are a great way to use clean energy when you go camping. This means your devices stay on and you can still receive emails in case of an emergency.

You’ll also be able to stay in touch with the rest of your friends and family. A handy solar recharger and compatible gadgets will ensure that your devices receive a charge when they run low on battery power.

What’s more, you can charge your devices during the day while exploring your campsite and its surrounding areas for use at night.

Is there a better way to naturally charge your devices?


Solar power can light up your campsite at night and walks around the site. This is truer if you don’t have a big RV to pull up to your site and can only bring a car and your tents.

Find a suitable solar lantern and other lighting options based on solar power to light up your campsite. If you intend to charge your devices, you can find lanterns that double as charging stations.

Many camping lanterns in the market are solar-powered. Solar fairy lights can give your camping tent a glam look at night.


If you live in or intend to visit an area with solar-powered trains, opt for them as your means of transport. For instance, the Byron Bay Area operates the world’s first train that uses solar power.

When going camping in the Bay Area, you can pick your train at either of the two picks up points:

  • Byron Beach station
  • North Beach station.

With these great tips, you’re bound to enjoy your eco-friendly hiking or camping adventure outdoors.