EEP logo

EEP logo


Use of the EEP logo:

1.   The EEP logo consists of two elements: 1) the energy cycle picture and  2) the initials EEP followed by the full wording of programme.

2.   It is scalable – both elements must always be resized together so that the right proportions are retained.

3.   Standard sizes for different types of products are provided. The minimum height of the logo is 20 mm.

4.   The logo should be used as a branding device (a “signature”) using professional and consistent proportions.

5.   DO consistently use the correct logo on ALL communication and promotional materials.

6.   DO ensure that the circle appears at the same height as the words.

7.   DO ensure that the EEP has approved the use of the logo on the communication materials of other organizations.

8.   DON’T change the font, positioning or orientation of the elements constituting the logo.

9.   DON’T distort the logo.

10.  DON’T use different language versions of the logo together.

11.  DON’T attach any other graphic elements to the logo to produce what appears to be a new logo.

Download EEP logo in high resolution - vector
Download EEP logo in high resolution - bitmap