Scaling-up Electrification and Local capacity building for rural Areas of Luang Prabang province (SELAO) Project


(2nd Call for Proposals)


Project Highlights

Project ID: 2-L-049

Location: Lao PDR, Luang Prabang Province

Project Budget:  511,000.00

EEP Budget Financing:  100,000.00

Project Type: Demonstration

Project Sector: Biomass, Bio-fuels, Hydro, Solar

Lead Partners Organization: Sengsavang Co., Ltd

Organization Type: Private

Lead Applicant Representative: Mr. Yves Maigne

E-mail Address:

Duration: 20 months

Download fact sheet:  Scaling-Up Electrification and Local Capacity Building for Rural Areas of Luang Prabang Province (SELAO)