EEP Mekong Programme at present supports the implementation of eleven clean energy projects in the Mekong Region, with a total grant of about 3.8 million Euro. The combined value of the projects is about 13.9 million Euro. Financial leverage of the funding support is about 3.7

The supported projects are the result of CfP-5 and CfP-6 with one project each, CfP-7 with four projects and CfP-8 with five projects. The majority of projects supported are from Vietnam (5), followed by Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar with two projects each. At present no project is supported in Lao PDR.

Projects related to the application of Waste-to-Energy technology are the majority (4 projects), followed by Biogas (3), Biomass (2), Biofuel (1) and Solar-PV (1).

The project funding has been endorsed by the Programme’s Steering Committee and funding contracts were signed with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland: 

The table below shows the funded projects:

funded projects

Each project has different implementation timeframes between 6 and 30 months. However, all projects have to be completed by November-2018.

Disbursement of funds for private sector projects of CfP-5, CfP-6 and CfP-8 follows the result-based financing approach, which requires projects to demonstrate that agreed results and/or milestones have been achieved. Funds are released only after verification of achievement of these results/milestones by the EEP Mekong programme. Disbursement of funds for CfP-7 projects (project preparation support) and CSO (Civil Society Organization) projects is output based and has a 25% down payment (CfP-7) and 20% (CSO) respectively, after signing of the funding contract.

Monitoring of impacts achieved by the funded projects includes the improved access to clean energy, employment creation, increased competitiveness of local industry and improved livelihoods of participating communities.

The funded projects contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Impact monitoring is collecting data on GHG emission reduction achieved by the respective projects, which will be presented at the programme’s website. 

New EEP Mekong projects endorsed for funding 

The Steering Committee Meeting held on 14th November 2017, in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR, reviewed and endorsed the evaluation results of the project proposals from CfP-8 and CfP-7 which were recommended for funding.

Regional Coordination Unit (RCU) presented the evaluation results of the received Project Proposals. A total of 29 proposals have been received from project developers in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam with the following country and technology wise distribution.


After screening of the received proposals by RCU, 19 project proposals were forwarded for technical evaluation with the support of external consultants. Following due-diligence assessment of the short-listed projects after evaluation, five projects have been selected for funding.

In the SC meeting, RCU also presented the semi-annual programme implementation report (period from January - June 2015) and the updated work plan and budget sheet.

The evening prior to the SC meeting, EEP Mekong hosted a dinner reception aimed at strengthening the relationship between EEP Mekong and the programme’s SC members and other stakeholders.

The next Steering Committee Meeting shall be held in Bangkok during June 2018.

funed projects