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The seventh SC meeting of EEP Mekong will be organized in Bangkok – Thailand during 18-20 June 2018, with the following main topics:

  • Review and update on the status of EEP Mekong Programme the activities implemented in line with the annual work plan incl. budget 2018 update 
  • Presentation and discussion on the implementation status of the funded projects and implementation of Capacity Building activities
  • Presentation and discussion of the programme’s exit plan

 In addition to the SC meeting, EEP Mekong will organize site visits to two funded projects. The project EEPM-C8-011 (KIT Bio-CNG) will be visited in Rayong province, about 150 km southwest of Bangkok. The project is modifying an existing biogas plant at a starch factory using the biogas, after purification and compression, as ‘Bio-CNG’ in the transport sector. Subsequently, the project site of EEPM-C8-005 ‘RPG Biomass and Biogas Impact Project’ will be visited in Nakhorn Ratchasima province in the North-East of Thailand. This project recently completed the construction of a new type biogas system and sells some parts of the biogas to the adjacent starch factory for drying purposes. The excess biogas will be purified, compressed and sold as Bio-CNG to the transport sector. Both projects are highlighting new opportunities to use biogas produced from starch factory wastewater for other purposes than generation of electricity.