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EEP Mekong Steering Committee members met to review the evaluation results of the Concept Notes (CN) and Full Project Proposals (FPP) from the 6th Call for Proposals (CfP), as well as review the progress of the Programme and project implementation.  


The 6th CfP was launched in May 2016. The selection criteria was similar to the previous CfP, in which eligible applicants were private companies, business associations, and NGOs registered in the Mekong country and/or Finland. The CfP was open for various kinds of clean energy technologies, including solar, waste to energy, biogas, biomass, biofuel, mini-hydro, geothermal and hybrid. EEP funds cover a maximum of 49% of the total project value, and not more than Euro 1 million. Business collaboration between project developers in Mekong countries and Finland is encourage.

This CfP received 36 CNs from the Mekong countries and Finland. Country-wise, the majority of the CNs submitted were from Thailand (10), Myanmar (9), Vietnam (9), Lao PDR (5), Cambodia (2), and regional (1).

Technology-wise, solar was the most demanded (12), followed by waste-to-energy (11), biogas (6), biomass (2), biofuel (2), energy efficiency (2), and hybrid (1)(see pie-charts below). The total project value of the project proposals submitted is Euro 162,088,625, and the total funding requested from EEP Mekong is Euro 16,361,044 (10.1% of the overall project value).




Out of 36 CNs submitted, 11 CNs were selected to enter into the Full Project Proposals stage. The project developers were invited to prepare and submit their FPPs. However, four projects developers decided to withdraw from this stage. Therefore, there seven FPPs were finally submitted to EEP. 


The FPP evaluation was conducted by external evaluators. In the SC meeting, the results were presented to the members for their review and discussion.

RCU recommended 5 of the 7 FPP received. After the discussions with MFA and SC members, 3 projects were approved for funding, subject to passing a previous Due Diligence.

At the meeting, RCU also reported about the progress of the programme and project implementations. Currently, there are six projects from a previous CfP being implemented.

EEP Mekong capacity building activities being implemented include stakeholders’ need assessment, workshop on economics for waste to energy projects on public private partnership, and a study trip on waste to energy in Finland. For the communications and Knowledge management component, the Knowledge Management Application has been made available for project developers and other stakeholders. This application is part of the main SMART Monitoring and Evaluation system.  

The SC meeting was held on the 9th November 2016, at Muong Thanh Saigon Center Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

For more information, please contact Bernhard Meyhoefer, EEP Mekong Programme Manager at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.